request a grant


A formal procedure is to be established to deal with grant application and awards.


1. Application:

Applications must be made on an Altona Community Foundation application form. All required information must accompany the application form in order for the application to be considered. Grant applications are called for twice annually – in April and October.

2. Review:

The application will be reviewed by a Granting Committee of the Board. A recommendation to grant or deny is made to the Board for approval. Grant applications will be reviewed and selected based primarily on qualifying factors as per Grant Guidelines.

3. Awards procedure and recording system:

Grants will be awarded to successful applications. Some type of appropriate public announcement will accompany a grant to increase awareness of and to promote the work of the Altona Community Foundation. Grants awarded will be recorded in the minutes.

4. Grant monitoring:

All grants are subject to review by the Board. Proof of expenditures must be submitted within one year of the date of grant approval, in order for grant funds to be disbursed. If funds have not been requested in the one year period, the grant is null and void. The Board will review projects granted in the previous year after the one year period has elapsed to ensure that all guideline requirements have been met.

Whereas when projects that have been approved for a grant come in under the cost indicated on the grant application, the Altona Community Foundation has the right to reduce the grant by the per cent that the project was reduced.