youth in philanthropy

W.C. Miller Youth in Philanthrophy (Y.I.P.)

In 2009 The Altona Community Foundation and the Thomas Sill Foundation, together with W.C. Miller Collegiate, introduced the Youth in Philanthropy program. The objective is to provide high school students an opportunity to manage, promote, and deliver a philanthropic program to encourage community action for students. The ACF and TSF agreed to a 6 year seed program. The TSF funded the Y.I.P. program for the first 3 years and ACF provided funding the last 3 years.

In 2015 the Altona Community Foundation and the W.C. Miller Y.I.P. program entered into an agreement of understanding ensuring sustainability of the program into the future.

The Mission Statement of the Y.I.P. program is:

“The W.C. Miller Youth in Philanthropy Group seeks to support projects that benefit young people and families.  We promote health, learning and an active lifestyle.”

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