24 Hour Giving Challenge


Community foundations are charitable organizations built over time through gifts donated by various community members and organizations. These gifts are then pooled and permanently invested through trusted institutions. Each year, a portion of the interest earned on these investments is granted back to support your local charities. And, best of all, since the permanent investments are never spent, your gifts will continue to support your community forever.

The Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge is your opportunity to help the Altona Community Foundation grow exponentially. Gifts made to your community foundations’ UNRESTRICTED FUNDS between November 15-21 will be “stretched” through the combined efforts of the Manitoba government and The Winnipeg Foundation. For every $5 donated, they will “stretch” that donation by $1 each, up to a combined total of $4,000 per foundation. So your $5 gift instantly becomes $7 for your community!

Gifts may be made online at endowMB.org or Altona Community Foundation.

Cheques made payable to the Altona Community Foundation can also be dropped off at Access Credit Union (Altona branch) from November 15 to 20.

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