Altona Community Foundation

Founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1994, Altona Community Foundation receives donations and invests back into the community of Altona and the Municipality of Rhineland (exception of Plum Coulee).

How You Can Get Involved

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Give a gift that impacts your community. Donations can be either mailed or dropped off with any board member.
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The Altona Community Foundation currently has 10 different funds. General donations go into the capital fund – clearly mark your donation if you want it dispersed into any of the other funds.



A formal procedure is to be established to deal with grant applications and awards. Please fill out the form to submit a grant application or download a PDF copy at the link below.

Grant deadlines:
Spring – April 30                     Fall – October 31

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Youth In Philanthropy

The objective is to provide high school students an opportunity to manage, promote, and deliver a philanthropic program to encourage community action for students.

What We Do

The Foundation supports projects related to youth, education, health, and community development. Two requirements needed from your organization in order to be considered are documentation and a charitable tax number. Altona Community Foundation, “For today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams!”

Our Mission

The mission of the Altona Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in Altona, Gretna, Rosenfeld, and the Municipality of Rhineland. This is done by soliciting funds for our capital reserve and distributing the interest earned each year to worthy community projects. As our capital reserve grows, the more dollars we can distribute. A contribution to the Foundation lasts forever as the capital reserve is always left intact while the interest earned is invested back into the community. Since inception, the Foundation has distributed $963,000 in funds.

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Updates /News Releases

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