request a grant


Please review the following guidelines before submitting a grant application to the Altona Community Foundation:

Only charities registered with CCRA are eligible for grants from The Altona Community Foundation. Your charitable registration number is a nine-digit number followed by RR0001. If a second party organization is providing access to a charitable number, a letter documenting permission for this usage must be provided by the applicant. This letter must accompany the application form. There must be an affiliation between the registrant and the applicant if a second party charitable number is utilized.

The applicant must carry out its activities in The Altona Community Foundation geographic granting area. This area is to include the Town of Altona, Town of Gretna, Village of Rosenfeld and the area around Altona generally consisting of the Municipality of Rhineland (excluding the Town of Plum Coulee).

The applicant must make services and access available without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status or handicap.

Applications will be considered for capital projects, project start-ups, new organization start-ups or human resource development.

The availability of other sources of funding/granting/fundraising must be in place. The Altona Community Foundation will not fund 100% of any particular project.

Volunteer labour is to be excluded from project costs.

The Altona Community Foundation may choose to initiate a response to a need in the Community by seeking out leaders or acting in a leadership role.

Preference is given to projects which:

  • benefit the whole community
  • encourage more efficient use of community resources
  • demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems
  • address the underlying causes of problems in our society
  • promote efficient and co-ordinated use of community resources, both human and financial
  • promote volunteer participation

Grants are not made to or for:

  • individuals
  • annual fund drives
  • pay down mortgages or reduce deficits
  • support operating expenses
  • projects already completed
  • political activities
  • direct religious activities of religious groups or organization
    –except when community access is available
    –unless the community-at-large will benefit significantly